Best Day Ever with Sunlife Philippines

I thought I am not the OC type but it turned out that I am, big time.  I always have a pen and a notebook or post-it inside my bag because I love to multi-task. I need to write all the things in my head or else I will go insane. Let me share some of my thoughts while inside the bank waiting for my number to be called.



Eyebrow threading


Pay bills

Check unit #7 and #8

Meeting with Ms. Divina

Homeschooling meet-up

And the list goes on…

Alright enough, I am just day dreaming. ME time is the first on my list but my last priority in reality. It will take ages before I visit a nail salon. For eyebrow threading and massage, I promised myself that I will do it this on a regular basis but it remained a dream.  Why? Admittedly, I always feel guilty if I do something for myself.



Thanks to Sunlife Philippines for conducting a Mom’s Day Out few weeks ago.


They treated the mommies with a back massage and sumptuous snacks at Park Inn Hotel.


And the best part was the unforgettable learning session with Ms. Michelle Alignay.

Let me share with you my realizations.

  • I always feel the need to do everything because I am a mother and a wife. I have this habit of waking up to clean when everybody’s sleeping. Instead of delegating the task I do it myself because urge of always being in control is so tremendous. In order for me to be the best version of myself I should take care of myself first. I should sleep and eat properly.


  • I should devote a ME time each day even for 30 minutes. This would mean taking an uninterrupted shower or have a tea time during the night. Basically just savoring the art of doing nothing.


  • My husband would always ask me, “Nay pang ilang araw mo na hindi naligo?. Naligo ako mukha lang hindi. Aray ko diba! I should take care of my physical appearance. A light make up or putting a lipstick won’t hurt. And of course I will buy a new set of underwear, that is a promise.



  • So since I am the OC control freak type, even how tired I am I see to it that my family enjoys a home cooked meal. But it’s okay to order for food, it doesn’t mean that I love them less. Okay again, I am human and not some kinda member of The Justice League


  • Another realization is I should spend more time with my girlfriends. It maybe difficult to meet them on a regular basis but having lunch or coffee with them is essential to keep my sanity.  It is refreshing to talk and laugh with someone whom you share the same sentiments and triumphs of being a mother, a wife and a human being in general.


  • Lastly, I should devote a non-negotiable day to have a date with my spouse. Because we are so engrossed with being parents we always forget that “WE time”. A coffee at 711 or eat our favorite Lugaw should be okay as long as we are consistent.

But wait there’s more,


Ms. Maylene Almonte, Sun Life Financial Philippines Cluster Head-Mindanao also shared about how Sunlife Philippines can help us prepare for the education of our children. Make time our ally, start saving early and reap the benefits in the future. For more information check out

I am not done yet, I am happy to share the learning session. Daghang Salamat Sunlife Philippines for this. Enjoy watching mommies 🙂


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